Specializing in everything from basic white-background catalog shots to high-impact visuals for magazines, banners, and social media, our clothing photography studio stands as an industry leader.

Looking for the best Clothing Photographer?

Offering premium apparel photography services, our clothing photography studio is the go-to solution for eCommerce brands seeking exceptional quality.

Ghost mannequin

This choice help consumers in picturing how the apparel clothing will conform to their body shape.

Flat lay

This is the ideal choice for traditional clothing styles and fits, such as T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatpants.

Ghost mannequin

Display your apparel in a stack! Utilize this image for showcasing products of identical style but in multiple hues.

We Photograph Your Clothes

Do you sell clothing?

Indeed, top-notch images can be the deciding factor between business success and failure. However, capturing your apparel can be both costly and time-intensive. Further, opting out of professional services could result in lackluster photos, leaving a poor impression on your clientele.

We deliver professional-grade photography for your apparel, ensuring the high-caliber presentation required for optimal sales.

Choosing your angles

In our order form, you’ll find a section where you can select from a variety of angles. Can’t find the angle you desire? Simply upload reference images within the order form, and we’ll incorporate them into the shoot!

Enhance Your Presentation

Online, impressions are everything.

In a world where consumers are inundated with millions of options, your limited digital real estate must make an instant impact. That’s where the power of imagery comes into play. A well-executed image can not only spotlight your item but also encapsulate the professionalism of your brand. When you opt for our clothing photography services, you are investing in top-tier photos that showcase your products in the most appealing and effective manner.

Our Photo Styles

Want to know which photo types you can choose from?

Take a look at our different options below.

Ghost Photography

have you ever encountered an image where the attire seems to hang on an invisible mannequin? We refer to this as ghost photography, one of our preferred methods for capturing apparel. Using this style, your potential customer gains a fuller understanding of how the fabric will drape on them, offering a more complete preview of what to expect.

Flat lay

We also offer flat-lay photography for your apparel. In these images, your clothing looks as though it’s neatly arranged on a flat surface. This approach is ideal for staple items like hoodies and sweatpants.


Want to evoke that fresh-off-the-shelves feel? Order this style. When you do, we present an image of your clothing folded in a stack. This is great for when you have different colors of the same item and want to showcase all of them at once.

We can also photograph your clothing from different angles. Just specify what you would like on your order form.

How to Order

Looking to capture that just-unpacked, fresh-off-the-shelf vibe? Opt for this style. In these images, your apparel is displayed folded in a stack, ideal for featuring multiple colors of the same product in a single view.

Additionally, we offer multi-angle photography for your clothing. Simply indicate your preferred angles on the order form.

Get Your Photos Today!

For online clothing retailers, high-quality images on your website are non-negotiable. Professional photographs signal to your customers that you are a reputable and reliable brand, thereby increasing their likelihood to make a purchase.

Don’t hesitate—place your photo order with us today!


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